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Monday, July 18, 2011

Holland - Schreveningen

Crazy weekend !!  Spent half a day in Schreveningen and then 1 day in Dordrecht.   Don't worry, there will not be any windmills :-)

This is Schreveningen.

There was a summer festival and the whole beachfront was packed with tourists, artists and screaming children.

The Casino

Not too many people in the water. Must be too cold.  Sorry, no topless sunlovers to show.

What do you think this couple were doing ?   Looked like they were cooling down their tired feet.  Look closer.

And these are the charges :  15 minutes
1 person ...€13.00
2 persons..€25.00

Feeding guppies ??
I must admit, that's a cooooool way to relax.


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