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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coconut Cream Tarts

Spring was a blur this year and now we're already in mid summer.....I'm still blur !!
I'm spending alot of time in the garden where time seems to pass so quickly. Most of you will surely agree with me, the more plants you put into your garden, the more time you have to spend to maintain them.  Regardless what they are - shrubs, flowers, vegetables, etc.   Even an apple tree needs care.  Ever so often, I was close to ordering a tank/truck load of cement and pave the whole garden then cover the whole area with artificial grass for the sake of a green view  for the neighbours should they get inquisitive about a cement truck in my backyard !!
I am still catching up on posting some receipes which are still in 'draft' status, some new receipes for the coming semester courses, more photos, etc etc etc........
The word Sommer Holiday does not exist in this year's itinerary.

I do not own any QUICK MEALs cook book - Most of my daily meals are quickies.  So here I share with you my quickie tart.  It is similar to Portuguese Tart but with a typical asian touch.

You may make the pastry cases from your own homemade puff pastry.  I took the easy way out....I used store bought ones