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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wild Garlic (Bärlauch) Pesto

These were growing like weeds in my garden - wild garlic or Bärlauch to the Germans.  It became very popular the last few years as pesto for pasta, as a  spread on bread or sprinkled like chives in salads.

 Before they start to bloom, I decided to make a pesto with the young tender leaves.

The pesto is served with pasta and tomato sauce.

You need only a whole handful. 


Some roasted pine nuts, a small piece of parmesan and 100 ml (or more) mild 'Toscana gold' olive oil.  Not forgetting some coarse seasalt.

Grind, not pound the Bärlauch into a paste together with salt and pine nuts.   When it is a paste, add grated parmesan and olive oil.  Do not hold back on olive oil.  Just pour it in till the paste is a homogeneous sauce (pesto)

Boil some pasta of your choice - serve hot with pesto.  I like mine with a drollop of tomato sauce.

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