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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I love to shop in italian supermarkets.   Food, Food, Food - a feast for the eyes.  The varieties of cheese, hams, pasta, fresh baked pizzas, olives like these .......
 Please excuse the poor quality - was secretly taken with a handphone

 We paid a visit to an old friend who is lives 6 months a year in Paris and most of summer in Switzerland.  No no, not up in the mountains.  She lives just 20 mins from the italian border - in Morcote.  Usually, we would drive across to the Italian side to shop or for dinner. It is like another world.  Here is an example........ 

Guess what this is ?   
Mortadella.   You know what is the diameter of a normal mortadella ?  Just click on the picture and you can have a better view.


Look at 'Giovanni'.   He made a few slices and packing the open-end so it doesn't dry out. 

 Just look at the length

Part 2 to be continued......

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