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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beer gardens (Germany & Vietnam)

Beer gardens are always Germany's 'water-hole' in the summer months.  The folks love to spend their time in fresh air, surrounded  by nature, with traditional atmosphere of umtata music, simple food of Weißwurst with sweet mustard, pretzels and Spanferkel (roast piglet).  It is not surprising that such traditions are spreading over every corner of the world.
Let's have a look and compare.......

In Munich

In Vietnam

Munich - You even have the city major 'helping' with the tap 
Entertainment - Live show
Vietnam : Live show with music from scratchy grammaphone
Germany : Live umtata music (anybody watching ?) 


Now comes food - Spanferkel 
Roasted over open pit.  Paper thin crispy skin.

Vietnam - NO COMMENTS !!

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