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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beauty Cakes

It is May and I'm writing this from the depths of work and annual spring cleaning, stuck in things which are swirling around me.  Or am I swirling around them?  It's rough but sometimes one got to let some things go, shelve them 'till later'.  I haven't figured out which to chase down - Jeeees! it's chaotic here.

I read an article in a German gourmet magazine about this certain shop - about fabulous cakes.  Hey, these multicoloured cakes have been around for ages in europe, Australia, etc.  Except the Germans (it's my own opinion) - Germans are known for their conservative mind, their health consciousness so I can imagine what their thoughts would be when they see such vibrant colours on cakes; on food which they consume.........Are the colours from natural ingredients ? Will I glow in the dark after consuming them ?  With such amount of icing on the cake, don't you think it's too sweet ? 

Who cares.  This bakery is doing booming business, charging breathtaking prices for their breathtaking special occasion cakes.  The 'breathtaking cake' lady is extremely friendly and didn't object when I asked if I could take some photos.  I have scrutinized the artwork and they are really handdrawn/handmade as they claim. See for yourself  ....... 

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