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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Portugal - Porto (Part 2)


This is a good place to go when winter in northern europe is unbearable.  It was early December when these photos were taken.   Day temperature was between 10°C to 16°C if it was not raining.   Nights may drop to 5°C but hardly below 0°C    

It was still not too bad when it rained

This is what Porto is all about......PORT Wine

All the big names like Sandeman, Taylors, Offley, Grahams, Ferreira to name a few are here.
They all have rich history dating as far back as 1700  

Just take a walk along the Portwine Alley, start 'wine tasting'. 

 Portwine Alley by night.

This was at Graham's.

 'CSI' at work ? - Is this a crime scene ?

 A little church in town.  Was wondering what were those 'bubbles' on the alter.   Took a close look.

Kindergarden outing to Santa . Aren't the uniforms cute ?

It was 3rd advent Sunday.   It seems they were trying to get into the guiness book of records for the largest gathering of Santas.

There were thousands of Santas !!

The locals told us that the best suckling pig is here -
Restaurant Rocha in  Mealhada which is an hour's drive south of Porto.

Was finger lickin good.  The skin was paper crackling thin.

Was wondering what fruits were these hanging on bare trees.   Taking a closer look, they were persimmons.

The drive upriver towards the Portwine vineyards, Coimbra and Real Vila was very scenic.

There were beautiful building with breathtaking tile murals.

It was almost impossible to take any 'clean' photos without having overhanging cables, wires, cranes getting in the way.   Worst of all, laundry on balconies.   You have free choice - size S, M, L and XXL.

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