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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Market (Update) - Esslingen

Christmas market - Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is the largest city of this ethnically flourishing state of Baden Württemberg.  It has immensely speckled tourist attractions like the low man thick (romantic) black forest, the spas of Baden-Baden and the convenient borders to Switzerland (lake of Constance) and  France (towards Straßburg). There are many more attractions and I will post more about places of interest in this region  in time to come.   

 It was a crazy Saturday (December 4, 2010).  A weekly Demonstration with more than 10,000 people in the city centre, a battle between VFB Stuttgart and Hoffenheim (football/soccer) at the Daimler stadium.  Every nook and corner was jammed pack. Impossible to find parking so the idea of going to the Stuttgart Christmas Market is OUT !!.

Just a few minutes drive out of Stuttgart, there is the suburb of Esslingen.  Here is one unusual market.
It's the Mittelaltermarkt/Weihnachtsmarkt (market of/from the middle ages).  This is a beautiful picturesque town.  I will, for sure come again in better weather conditions.
With freezing temperature of -5°C my fingers were frozen stiff and my camera was sluggish.
It was also very crowded and impossible to take any photos.  Managed to make some snaps before my camera froze.
Can anyone tell me, do batteries freeze ?

Beautiful old building

Glühwein served in cute ceramic booties

Schnaps in various flavours

Handmade figures for the crib

More Handicrafts

Beautiful building from the middleages

Handcarved figures for the crib

Cribs for sale

Make your choice

Stockbrot - Bread on a stick.

This is an unusal way to eat bread. 

The bread dough is wrapped around a stick
and then baked like pizza.

Not only in Oktoberfest do you find such gingerbreads with 'Declaration of Love'.  

Make your own candles in rainbow colours


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