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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glasgow & Edinburgh - Scotland


I was suppose to post this article in October.  There were too many priorities and somehow it got forgoten,
lost in the 'To Do' list.    It was a comment from Lily that reminded me and since I 'm in 'travelling' mood, this article is now open.  Please, please, do not be offended - I intend to visit Scotland again in the near future, under different conditions.

There was an exhibition in Glasgow and there were some people to meet so I grabbed the opportunity to hop over to Edinburgh for the weekend. Why not ?  The return flight was cheaper than a train ticket to Munich. The train ticket from Edinburgh to Glasgow was costing as much as renting a car for the whole weekend, so we picked up a rented car from Edinburgh airport.  Needed almost an hour just to pick up the car because the car centre is almost a walking mile away :-(    

Weather was kind, no rain but no sunshine either.

Autumn or Fall has its beauties.  Tree leaves turning into rich array of colours, the cool weather, sounds and smells.  Well, I was greeted with fog the whole time.  Very depressing welcome.  I didn't see much of Glasgow but I managed to make shots of the only bright colours around - the Taxis.

These are the only shots of Glasgow I took.....

Here is one thing I always do when I am a tourist.  Buy a day ticket on such Hop On/Off busses.  You get to see everything. If and when you want to see more, just hop off and you can continue later where you stopped.


Glasgow  - Didn't see much of it.  From exhibition to hotel.  One thing I saw at the carpark when I was leaving the exhibition.

Driving inside Glasgow City was a catastrophe.  Even 'Ah Tom' was confused with all the road works and one way streets.  Friday nights/weekends in Glasgow must be a party.  Never seen so many people in pubs, ages between 18 to 80 (yes, 80), men and women, dressed up like christmas trees. Is that what they call "true Scottish culture"?

I'll conclude by honouring that old wise saying: "Better say nothing, if you've nothing nice to say." 

(The saying doesn't forbid to show pictures though... :-)

Now comes Edinburgh


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