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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rice Wine (homemade), part 2

After 21 days of brewing, I filtered the wine through cheese cloth. The liquid is heated but removed just before it starts to boil. Set aside to cool and at same time, let the sediment settle. Pour the clear wine into a bottle. Store in fridge or cool dark place. The wine residue is kept in fridge. It is good for stews, stir-frys or even as grill marinade.
The experiment with Brewers Yeast was not successful. It was sour without any trace or taste of alcohol :-(


  1. Hi,

    I just stumbled across this blog. I like it. Wondering why not many people comment though.

    I've also made this wine before, except I added some red yeast rice too.


  2. Hi Robert. Where did you get the red yeast rice ?

  3. It was bought from some Asian grocer in my "local" Chinatown (Sydney)

  4. Robert, can you please show me your result with the red yeast wine ?

  5. Sorry, I used up all the red yeast rice wine!

    I might make it and do a post on it later, though.


  6. I am looking into the details of making Yellow wine (rice wine) and came across this blog.

    The issue you have is the the traditional "wine yeast" that you need (酒藥, 酒药; pinyin: jiǔ yaò), the liquor starters have more than just yeast but the brewers yeast does not. These extras are needed to convert the rice starch into sugar that the yeast can convert to alcohol.

    Good luck if you try it again :-)


    1. Hello Will......Thank you you for your tip. Will keep it in mind the next time. You have a very informative blog there.