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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer of 2012 (August)

Hot Summer - Temperature continue to soar.  
In such sweltering baking condition, thousands of people will wander towards water,  like lemmings on their annual suicidal migration. I'm no lemming so I stay put !! it when it comes, happy to see it go. 
Too hot to tell stories so here is what's in my garden, short short....hehehe

With scorching temperature, it is always nice to sit under the shade of a tree....
I was doing just that, enjoying the coolness, bees buzzing round me, mosquitoes preparing for attack until a whopper of cool breeze blew.  
It started to rain plums !!  Talking about coconuts falling on heads !

Grapes ripening....too early.

Second harvest of strawberries

Aronia berries ready to be turned into super health jam.
Roses at full bloom.

These appeared up among my salads. 

Sudden extreme heat, salads were shooting.
Tomato jungle  
I didn't plant them but since they seem to growing well, I left them to grow like weeds.   

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