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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making of Mr Bean

Temperature was 33°C and humid.  We were chilling down under the shade of a restaurant with cool beers and juice,  listening to a street performer/musician's mesmerizing rendition of Mozart's Magic Flute. Well, watching the world passing by until this caught our attention.......................................  A camera with a mini tripod attached, balancing on a soccer ball and the ball in turn was in a basket on the back of a bicycle !!   

The following scene was repeated at least 3 times and if he had continued, I would beg to help him out of the situation.

First he placed the camera on the ball.  
Oops !  Bicycle moved !  Try again!
Readjust tripod, now it's balanced.
Check the lens, start many seconds ?? 


POSE........WHERE ?!!!

SMILE  !!!

1 comment:

  1. better than us three in butchart garden victoria, we had an asian guy take picture of us and he kept on saying - 1, 2 3 chee