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Friday, August 5, 2011

Wild Plums (Sauce)

These may look like cherries but they're not. They are very ripe wild plums.  The locals tell me they're not suitable for consumption; hinting about them being poisonous. What rubbish !!   Birds and bees were swarming over them like in an openair rock concert, none seems to be dead or dying.  I plucked a handful, ate them, waited for an hour  and I started to get hungry.  Hungry for more plums.  Taste wise, they're more sour than the ordinary table plums.  Texture of fruit is crunchy (very sour) when green and very mushy when ripe (still sour).
Dear daughter plucked a huge bowl  for me to put them to good use.  And I did.

To remove the stones was too much work so I just removed the stalks and slow cooked them under medium heat/flame.   

 Once they're soft, the stones will detach from fruit and sink to bottom of pan. Sooo easy :-)
Discard the stones, add 100gm of sugar and 1 tsp of salt (amount of sugar and salt is up to individual taste) turn up heat and boil for a minute.  Pour into bottles, seal immediately. Preferably let bottle stand on its head until cool.   Now I have my own plum sauce.

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