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Friday, November 4, 2011

FATFREE Comfort Food

Autumn is here when daylight gets shorter and cold wind is blowing.  With change of season, so do our tastes in food.  Here is a combination which is particularly well suited for this time of year.

You need :
Potato - Its reputation as a high carb comfort food doesn't do it justice .  It is high in vitamin C, eaten with the skin it is packed with nutrients like folate and vitamin B1 and B6.  Contains only 160 calories if you give butter a miss.
Cook potatoes (with or without skin) in boiling water (about 20-25 minutes) until tender.  Leave out the salt. Drain and toss a dash lemon juice in if you like. 

Spinach - I don't have to explain.  Think Popeye ! Keep depression at bay as eating food high in folic acid may alleviate mild depression.
Wash the spinach and put into a large lidded saucepan/pot over a low heat but no water as plenty of moisture comes out as it cooks.  It will wilt after a few minutes, drain the spinach.

Eggs - It was once not healthy as it had cholesterol and now it is healthy or neutral. Don't fret.  Think apple - an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Break 1 or 2 eggs into a heatproof bowl and steam/poach on medium heat for 10 minutes.   

Add herb salt to your own palate. 

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