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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feast fit for monks

Thai Buddhism people want to invite monks to their home
for blessing and luck.

A thai friend had the honour of having 2 monks coming to her home.  
It was her big day.

The usual ceremony of giving food to the monks on arrival and then proceeding into the house,  holding a sacred cord tied at one end to the Buddha image or idol of the house-hold. They chanted , blessing all around them.  One monk then went around the house blessing trees, flowers, pets (chicken and rabbits) including my car :-)
There was also a bowl of water into which the monk dripped candle wax and from the figures formed, we were suppose to read or imagine our lucky numbers.
After the monks had their meal (before 12 noon), there were presentation of gifts and more blessings. Some seek solace, some seek health.  Astrologies and  palm reading were done - how correct were the predictions ??

It was not necessary to cook because it was like a potluck party where each person bringing one or more  dishes.  Of course, all dishes were authentic thai.  

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