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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garden Berries Dessert - Trifle

Is it a trifle ?  What's in a name ?  
Nothing beats the fruits from one's own garden.  My fruits of labour - strawberries, red and black currants, and raspberries.  Today will be start of summer so this is a welcome summer dessert.    
A simple quick dessert that will wow your guests upon presentation. It's fresh and light and will not disappoint. 

You need:
About 100gm each - fresh berries (like what I harvested from garden, strawberries, red n black currants and yellow raspberries)
Or fruits like pineapple, mango, etc (cut into bite size or at least spoon size)
500gm fresh cheese or yoghurt (or 50% each mixed)
Black currant cordial (I used my own homemade)
Amaretti (coarsely crushed )

In a tall glass, pour in 2 tbsp  black currant cordial.
Fill 1/3 of glass with fresh cheese/yoghurt.
Then fill up with fruits till overflowing :-)
Sprinkle over with crushed amaretti and serve.

Note:  You may add or replace cordial with eggnog or any fruit liqueur

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