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Thursday, June 23, 2011


No no......I am not turning religious.  Just bear with me for a second and read further on. 
Woke up early this morning, packed my cameras and jumped into car (faith is a journey, right) and drove out to the countryside.  Looking for churches!!  Yes churches.
Today is a religions holiday  -  Fronleichnam (+)
A public holiday in Austria and Catholic parts of Germany, Switzerland; Thursday following Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost)

This is a day of celebration with processions and parades.  Streets are cleaned and flags and tons of flower sadorn the churches and streets.  Flowers, that's my interest. 
I was too late for the processions and parades but the 'flower carpets' were still there. These are 'carpets' of flowers.  Usually all done by women from the church community.
Village - Winterstettenstadt (school)
Winterstettenstadt (community centre)
Winterstettenstadt - Church
Closeup of 'carpet'

Village Hochdorf

Hochdorf church

Steinhausen  - This is a well known barock church for pilgrims.  Surprisingly there was no 'carpets' but in the afternoon, there would be a concert.  

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