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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Organic Food (Slow Food)

It was a spontaneous decision to visit the SLOWFOOD Fair in Stuttgart.
I thought it was a fair displaying local organic specialities.  There were some local breweries but much more wine.  Somehow, I got the impression the stands were there not only to promote their products but more to reap in huge profits in 4 days.  

Slab of 3 year old cheese - looks more like a termite infested piece of wood.
Will you pay €6 / 100g ?  

More cheese anyone ? Even the swiss are there. 

The swiss even brought in a 'monk' to promote the renown 'Tete de Moine'

That's an interesting way to enjoy Fondue

Nougat from France.

Dozens of stalls with their own concoction of mustard.

Running parallel to the Fair is also Garden Fair.

I simply love these 'bonsai' pines - Nicked them POODLE PINES.

Thought this would look cute in my garden.   
Checked the price ....... €9,899 !!

Needless to mention, the 'star' of swabia has to show their presence - the  nil emission Gullwing.
My dream car !!

 This reminds me of Batman.

The Volkswagen with this 'almost Porsche' model.
It's rather strange - almost scary.  These emissionfree cars move without a sound.

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