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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Strange Stuff

What do you think this is ?
Son said it looks like a tabletop toilet bowl, with 'material' !! 
Make a guess before you read further.

His father said it's a mug,  the 'spout' is to fit the nose so that when one drinks, one can inhale the aroma at the same time.  
There were many stands/stalls offering Glühwein at the Leipzig Christmas Market but there was this  particular stall where they also have  Feuerzangebowle .

They fill up the cup with Glühwein, not too full or the fire will be put out.  A piece of sugar cube is placed on the spout end.  The sugar cube is then drenched with high percentage alcohol like Schnapps and fire away ! The sugar will slowly caramalise and suppose to flow into the Glühwein. Then PROST !!

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