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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden (May)

Spring 2011 was exceptionally warm and dry.  Dry earth and vegetation can spark brush fires with farmers worrying about their fields.   Finally after weeks of drought, lightning, thunder and finally pouring rain.  For a lazy hobby gardener like me, it was a great relief - my water tank was down to red alert level.  What's worse I had to water the garden twice a day. That was last week.

Now look what is growing....

Radishes are finally getting a chubby figure 

Some round, some slim.  Whatever 'figure', they're all sharp and crunchy.

Spinach -Red stem ones which makes a colourful salad.
Normal green ones great as filling for tortellini.
More salads (rabbit food) - fresh and healthy for hot summer meals.
'Double storey' (sometimes 3 storey) onions.  
Rapes - Good for a quick stirfry. Some people were shocked. 
Green and purple mustards - These may not grow to arm-length height.  Why ?
My farmer friend did not deliver the usual load of cowsxxt !!


Now for some colours.......


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