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Monday, January 18, 2010

Vanilla (essence)

Vanilla Sticks

Cutting + Slitting Pods into Pieces

Vanilla Vodka

Was digging into one of my freezers for some meat this morning. What did I find? A bag with some unidentified 'black sticks'. What in the world are these !?

Then it hit me. Vanilla pods which my dear friend from Mauritius sent me LAST YEAR!! Had totally forgotten about them. Why in the world did I freeze them? Never mind, too late for regrets.

So I defrosted and dried them over the heater for a day ...errr, a bit too long I think, cos some pods snapped when I bent them. But the seeds inside were still moist.

The aroma still very overpowering: the whole house was smelling of Vanilla while the pods were drying. It can't be that bad... can be saved. What choice do I have? They’re too good for the garbage.

Vanilla Essence Recipe of the Day:

  • Sacrificed half a bottle of prime vodka from Ukraine.
  • Divided the pods into 2 portions:
    • First half: I just cut each pod into 4-5 pieces.
    • The other half: I slit them open and cut into 1 inch pieces.
  • Steeped both portions in vodka and left them in the cellar (hope I will not forget this time).
  • Will have to shake them once a week.

Result will be known in 6 months.

Edit: Result can be seen here.